Doves White Rye Flour – 5 X 1Kg

RRP £ 2.39

Mildly tangy in flavour, this soft, off white ancient grain flour is great for all baking.

Eat Goodness Organic Green Lentils – 6 X 450GR

RRP £ 3.29

Green lentils, one of the richest legumes on the table; It is a storehouse of iron, thiamine, phosphorus and magnesium. Organic green lentils, which have a low glycemic index, are a candidate to be one of your favorite foods if you are fond of your health.

Yutaka Rice Vinegar – 6 x 150Ml

RRP £ 2.09

Mellow and flavourful, ideal for making sushi seasoning or as light salad dressings. Suitable for Vegan Gluten Free

Yogi Tea Organic White Tea With Aloe Vera – 6 x 17 Bags

RRP £ 2.79

  • Organic, herbal tea.
  • Ayurveda blend with basil, daisy, turmeric.
  • Balancing, harmonious, comforting.
  • Gentle regeneration.
  • 17 bags individually wrapped tea bags.

Biona Organic Coconut Bliss Spread – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 4.95

Created from high quality coconut flesh, slowly dried to retain its taste and gently blended into a soft butter. With its fresh, tropical taste, our coconut bliss is perfect for being stirred into smoothies, sauces and curries to add a rich coconut flavour.

Lily’s Kitchen Fishy Fish Pie With Peas

RRP £ 1.99

This temptingly tasty, grain free, complete recipe is packed full of freshly prepared salmon, herring and turkey, with market vegetables and botanical herbs.

Biona Organic Blueberry Cookies – 12 x 175Gr

RRP £ 2.99

Biona Organic Blueberry Cookies Are A Great Way To Refuel When Feeling Peckish. These Crunchy Wholegrain Cookies Are Bursting With A Sticky, Jammy Blueberry Filling, Delivering A Delicious Mouthful With Every Bite.