Galicia Crispbread With 3 Seeds – 8 X 180Gr

RRP £ 2.00

Crispbread with sprinkle of 3 seeds: brown linseed, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

Lily’s Kitchen Adult Vension Duck For Dogs

RRP £ 10.89

This grain free recipe uses only freshly prepared duck, salmon and venison together with carefully chosen fruits, vegetables and botanical herbs.

Marigold Tempeh In Cans Vegan – 6 x 280Gr

RRP £ 3.65

Tempeh is a pure fermented Soya Bean food from the Indonesian island of Java. A good source of protein, it is easily digested due to the fermentation process. Delicious added directly to soups, stews or as an ingredient to any dish of your choice.

Nairn’s Dark Chocolate Chip Biscuits – 8 x 200Gr

RRP £ 2.09

Our tasty, wholesome oat biscuits are bursting with natural flavour. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are full of the goodness of wholegrain oats. They're high in fibre too.

Biona Organic Soya Beans Jar – 6 x 350Gr

RRP £ 1.89

The quality source of protein, iron, magnesium and rich in dietary fibre. No added sugar or no salt.

Biona Golden Coconut Milk With Turmeric – 6 x 400Ml

RRP £ 2.69

Biona Organic Golden Coconut Milk combines Biona classic coconut milk with the gentle warmth of vibrant turmeric.

Alfez Flat Bread Kit – 5 x 245Gr

RRP £ 2.39

Al'Fez Falafel Mix helps you to create your very own home-made Falafel; a savoury chickpea and herb Snack. This simple yet delicious Food can be enjoyed on its own, in pitta pockets, or with a fresh salad. 150g. Suitable for vegetarians. Made with ground chickpeas, herbs & spices Can be shaped as nuggets, burgers or patties. Falafel is one of the most popular vegetarian foods in the Middle East. With this in mind, Al'Fez Falafel Mix can be shaped as nuggets, burgers or patties and topped with houmous or Al'Fez Tahini, as a part of a delicious vegetarian dish.

Clearspring Organic Scottish Oatcake – Traditional – 15 X 200Gr

RRP £ 2.99

Crumbly, creamy and with a unique Clearspring taste twist, Clearspring Organic Oatcakes are simply delicious. Made to an original dairy-free and no-added-sugar recipe using only the finest organic ingredients, they are lovingly baked to perfection in small batches by fourth generation craft bakers in the Scottish highlands.

Manomasa Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn – 12 x 140Gr

RRP £ 2.25

Tortilla chips with green adzuki beans, red kidney beans, garbanzo beans and a green lemon and pink peppercorn seasoning.