Biona Sauerkraut Ruby Red Organic/Demeter – 6 x 350Gr

RRP £ 2.49

Biona Organic Ruby Sauerkraut is made by combining carefully shredded cabbage and beetroot. This Sauerkraut will liven up all your favourite meals - pair with salads, hummus wraps, veggie burgers, grilled vegetables, and more.

Maya Gold Organic Coconut Oil – 12 x 250Gr

RRP £ 4.05

Extra virgin coconut oil is cold pressed, serves to lose weight, due to its nutritional properties, such as the presence of fatty acids and glycerol. In addition, extra virgin coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which increases the body's immunity, acting in the prevention of diseases, and combating the inflammation generated by the accumulation of fat.

Honeyman Organic Acacia Honey – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 5.99

Acacia honey is delicate, with a subtle, smooth, slightly vanilla aroma, its colour being clear, of an almost transparent yellow. Collected by the bees during a short period in May and only in strict climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric movement), this indulging honey has a unique taste, delicate flavour and appealing texture.

Maya Gold Coconut Syrup (Light) – 8 x 250Ml

RRP £ 5.05

A delicious syrup made from Coconut Sugar. With its caramel taste it is ideal to be used as a dessert topping or to sweet hot beverages, baked goods.

Free & Easy Falafel Mix With Chickpea And Quinoa – 4 x 195Gr

RRP £ 3.15

This falafel mix is made with quinoa flour. Quinoa is a good source of protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids including Lysine and Isoleucine. It is high in nutrients, fibre and a great source of protein.

Lily’s Kitchen Cottage Pie For Dogs

RRP £ 3.69

This delicious, nutritionally complete recipe is made with fresh beef and heaps of tasty produce.

Yutaka Organic Miso Paste – 6 x 300g

RRP £ 3.79

Versatile and umami rich, great for soups, dressings, marinades and stews. Unpasteurised Gluten free High in protein Suitable for vegans

Meridian Japanese Tamari Soya Sauce 150Ml

RRP £ 3.29

Meridian Tamari is a gluten free soya sauce made from whole soya beans, traditionally brewed and aged in wooden kegs.

Alfez Stuffed Vine Leaves & Rice – 12 x 280Gr

RRP £ 2.49

Stuffed Vine Leaves (or Dolmades as they are called in Greece) are a traditional vegetarian dish served as a started or as part of a Mezze platter. The young Vine Leaves are stuffed with a delicious filling of rice and herbs such as dill & mint.

Union Coffee Yirgacheffe Ethiopia Cafetiere – 6 x 200Gr

RRP £ 6.49

Cafetiere grind, 100% Specialty Arabica Organic Union Direct Trade coffeeOne of the world's most intriguing speciality coffee available from the birthplace of Arabica coffee Zesty and refreshing

Galicia Crispbread Pumpkin & Cheese – 12 X 90Gr

RRP £ 1.69

Crispbread with wheat sourdough and sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and Emmentaler cheese.

Biona Organic Coconut Oil Cuisine – 6 x 610Ml

RRP £ 5.99

Biona Organic Coconut Oil Cuisine has been slightly steamed to remove the coconut flavor and aroma of raw coconut oil.