Biona Organic Harissa Relish – 6 x 125Gr

RRP £ 3.19

Tasty spicy chilli relish adds flavour to all grain dishes, soups or casseroles.

Meridian Organic Smooth Peanut Butter With Salt – 6 X 280Gr

RRP £ 3.39

Organic smooth peanut butter with a pinch of sea salt is a good source of energy and crammed with peanuts. Peanuts are naturally a source of protein (25% of their calories come from protein) and are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet.

Other Foods Crunchy Ladies Fingers Okra

RRP £ 2.50

A revolution in savoury snacking. Gourmet Okra are sustainably sourced, slow bake at low temperatures and combined with just a pinch of Himalyan salt to heighten the organaleptic experience with irresistible plant. powered crunchiness.

Doves Xanthan Gum – 5 X 100Gr

RRP £ 4.20

For stronger crumb structure and reduced crumbling in gluten free baking.

Biona Sauerkraut Golden Turmeric Demeter – 6 x 350Gr

RRP £ 2.49

Biona Organic Golden Sauerkraut is made with fresh turmeric and ginger for a subtle kick.