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5 Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

5 Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

As we began to read more reports about the pesticide residues that are left on the vegetables and fruits cultivated with industrial farming, we tend to prefer the organic foods more. Today, the majority of the population is well aware of the possible dangers of foods containing GMOs and pesticides. Since such foods do not contain chemical substances and offer more benefits to human health, experts also recommend people to increase their organic fruit and vegetable consumption. In this article, you are going to find five great reasons to prefer organic alternatives. Let’s start without losing any time:

Organic Foods Taste Better

Since organic foods grew under natural conditions and pace, they tend to taste much better than the inorganic alternatives. As no pesticides or other harmful substances are involved in the system of these foods, they are also a way healthier as well. Just like the fundamentals of cooking, which slow-cooking foods taste better, the same is also applies to the vegetables and fruits in farming.

Organic Foods Are Environment-Friendly

Organic farming is a set of practices that benefits from natural and environment-friendly methods. This makes the soil sustainable while also maintaining the eco-system in good condition. On the other hand, inorganic or industrial farming affects the soil in a negative manner, causing erosion, not contributing to soil fertility and also cause pollution. If you feel the responsibility for the environment, which you are the part of, then organic fruits and vegetables may help you to contribute it in a positive manner.

Organic Foods Are Richer in Nutrients

Many studies have proven that organic foods contain more nutrients when compared to inorganic alternatives. Certain nutrients such as omega 3-fatty acids level are usually 50% more than the foods that are cultivated with industrial practices. In addition to this, many studies have proven that the vitamin and mineral density of organic fruits are higher than the GMO fruits. The same applies to the vegetables as well.

Organic Foods Are Beneficial for Health

By health, we do not only mean human health but also the health of the eco-system. On the other hand, their benefits to human health are indisputable. As we mentioned before, they contain more nutrients than inorganic foods. Besides, by choosing organic options, you will also avoid the possible dangers and hazardous substances.

Organic Foods Are Fresher

Unlike GMO foods, organic foods have a shorter shelf life. This means that they need to be consumed quicker than inorganic alternatives and sellers cannot store huge amounts of vegetables and fruits in their warehouse. However, it will be worth to note that you should avoid the organic scam. In recent years, many sellers began to promote their foods as organic with the hopes to increase their sales.

We have shared some of the most common advantages and benefits of organic foods for you. Without a doubt, the list can go on with numerous benefits. Just like the experts, we also recommend you prefer these foods rather than the inorganic alternatives for a healthier and longer life.



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