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Are Organic Tea Bags Safe?

Are Organic Tea Bags Safe?

Today, there is a popular debate on the internet on whether organic tea bags are safe or not. We have created extensive research on this topic and wanted to inform our readers. Below, you are going to find detailed information about these innocent-looking bags which almost all tea lovers have them in their kitchen or office. We can guarantee that you are going to be shocked when you learn the truth about these products. These products are one of the commonly preferred tea products on the market and unfortunately, not everyone is aware of its possible risks.

Should You Prefer Regular Tea Bags?

The short answer to this question is no, you should not. In 2017, one of the BBC documentaries shocked the world with its footage. The documentary was about tea production and gave us a detailed insight into the process. In addition, we also learned many facts regarding the side products that are used in tea production such as tea bags. Following the release of the documentary, many entrepreneurs took advantage and started businesses for organic tea bag manufacturing. As you can guess, regular tea bags are not safe.

According to the research, regular plastic bags we often use contain up to 25% plastic. Some of these microplastics and nanoplastics available in these bags dissolve in hot water. As a result, we consume these plastics whenever we take a sip from our delicious teas. Throughout history, mankind used different types of materials to keep their tea however, without a doubt, none of them were as toxic as they are now. Therefore, we highly recommend our readers to avoid preferring products that are sold in tea bags. Of course, you can prefer organic tea bags with ease of mind as well.

Are There Real Organic Tea Bags to Prefer?

If you would have asked this question before 2017, we probably wouldn’t be able to provide you with an answer. However, since 2017 many new startups established and most of them offer organic tea bags for their users. Today, you can find plenty of brands that offer different kinds of organic tea products including these ones. Of course, it would be wise to do some brief research before you prefer any brand that claims they offer fully organic products. You may want to avoid such brands while you are going to love some others.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of false information, and researching to discover new topics can be challenging. If you feel the same way, we recommend you rely on the websites that have a reputation in their category. Most of these websites, compile the information they provide from academic studies, just like our website. It is safe to prefer organic tea bags. In fact, you can find dozens of new and reputable companies that offer organic products for their users. For instance, you can visit yoga teapukka tea to meet some of these brands which you can benefit from their organic products.

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