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Why is Organic Food More Expensive?

Why is Organic Food More Expensive?

While the organic food trend is growing with every passing day, the prices are also increasing. It is an undeniable fact that these foods are sold at a much higher price in comparison to conventional products. Since most of these foods don’t include harmful and expensive chemicals or substances, you’d think they’d be cheaper? Many people believe in so, however, the reality is entirely different. In this article, we will provide detailed information on why this type of food is more expensive. If you’d like to know the answers, then keep reading!

Organic Food Production is Not Enough to Meet the Demand

One of the biggest reasons why organic food is more expensive is due to the supply and demand ratio as every day, as more of the public becomes aware of the disadvantages of conventional foods and so are now choosing to go organic. As a result, suppliers are unable to supply enough foods to meet the increasing demand. Anyone who studies economics or is interested in such topics can easily guess the consequences. That the prices are increasing due to the lack of supply on the market. When there are millions of people who enthusiastically purchase these foods, it seems unlikely the prices will fall in the near future.

Organic Foods Require Greater Labor

Another problem that increases the prices of organic foods is their labor requirement. While they may not include any harmful substances or chemicals, they do in fact require lots of effort when compared to conventional foods. As such,  organic farmers have to pay more attention to their products, making the whole process much more time-consuming. Any disease or pest may spread to other vegetables or animals. As a result, the average cost of organic food costs more than conventional food.

Lack of Supply Chains in Organic Foods

This industry is still developing and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest. Although many entrepreneurs have already invested in and created different job fields to supply organic food, the number of these initiatives are still low in comparison to the increasing demand. One issue is that organic food cannot be transported with non-organic food that includes pesticides. Since most of the major companies use their supply chains for such foods, there are logistical problems in the transportation of organic products.

As a result of transport issues and the time-consuming nature, organic foods prices are affected. The prices may fall in the future, but it seems like we need at least a decade before we will witness these changes. On the other hand, there are certain things that you can do to buy these foods cheaper than the market average price. For example, online stores are a great way to buy them. Since most of these stores do not have to pay high rent fees, this is reflected in their prices. You can find plenty of organic products on our online store, delivered straight to your door.

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