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Biona Blackstrap Molasses – Squeezy Organic – 6 x 350Gr

RRP £ 2.89

  • Certified Organic
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Natural by-product of the cane sugar refining process
  • All the nutrients from the sugar and its residue are extracted, leaving you with a rich, sweet molasses
  • Perfect for baking, stirring into porridge and using in savoury cooking

Biona Salsa Dip Sauce – Mild Organic-Vegan – 6 x 260Ml

RRP £ 3.09

Organic mild salsa dip, great addition to any Mexican meal, perfect served with Nachos or Burritos and suitable for vegans.

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha – Cola – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 2.79

Award-winning Cola is made with a proper old school cola recipe - infused with botanical spices and citrus extracts, it’s naturally low in sugar and full of that quenching cola flavour you’ll love to the very last drop.

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha – Ginger & Lemon – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 2.79

With a tart, lemony zing and spicy little ginger kick to the tastebuds, it’s one of our bestsellers for a reason!

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha – Orange & Mango – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 2.79

The Lo-Down on our Brew We make kombucha the authentic way. All natural, slow brewed, full of flavour and alive inside. Oolong, scoby, green, sweet tea 2 We wait Sugar goes down, fermentation magic, living culture go up 3 We blend with delicious ingredients 4 The result, alive inside great in your gut 100 million living cultures With Live Cultures, Feel Good, Natural, Low Sugar, Living & Unpasteurised, Vegan Friendly

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha – Original – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 2.79

You love Kombucha without any fruity distractions? Then Original is for you, taste the pure flavour of our authentically brewed Kombucha.

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha – Passion Fruit – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 2.79

This one hits the sweet-spot for all those summer-lovers out there - the refreshingly tart taste of vine ripened passionfruit and natural pops of flavour.

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha – Raspberry & Lemon – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 2.79

A fun combo of fresh raspberries and zingy lemon - it’s a little taste of childhood without all the post sugar crash tears and mum yelling at you to stop jumping on the couch!

Rude Health Org No Sugar Oat – 6 x 1Lt

RRP £ 2.29

Sometimes, sugar happens by accident. Not in this drink. In this oat milk we've tweaked the process so the oats don't release any sugar. Instead, you get all the oaty taste and nutrition you love, with nothing else on the side.

Rude Health Organic No Sugar Almond – 6 x 1Lt

RRP £ 2.49

A nutrient-dense savoury snack, made with delicate artichoke hearts picked at their prime and preservedin a form of crispy chips. powered crunchiness.