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The Berry Company PomeGranate Aronia & Rosehip Juice Drink – 12 x 330Ml

RRP £ 1.89

Native to Persia, this powerhouse super fruit is not onlygood for you, but it is great tasting too. It has a light and delicate flavour, making it perfect to serve over ice, mix in with your morning smoothie or even blend into a cocktail. This all-rounder is a staple in every household.

The Berry Company PomeGranate With Aronia & Rosehip Juice – 12 x 1Lt

RRP £ 2.79

These days, you may feel that The Berry Company Pomegranate Juice is just the latest health fad in a long line of products, however The Berry Company believe they can genuinely justify calling this juice 'healthy'. Pomegranate Juice combines pomegranate, grape and aronia berries, to produce the ultimate concentration of Antioxidants and Vitamin power. And unlike most of the latest health fads, The Berry Company Pomegranate Juice tastes super-duper too!