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Biona Organic Rice Cakes No Salt – 12 x 100Gr

RRP £ 1.49

These wholegrain rice cakes are made from 100% organic wholegrain brown rice. A great source of fibre and naturally free from gluten.

Biona SpeLt Cakes No Salt – 12 x 100Gr

RRP £ 1.49

Biona Organics Spelt Cakes are made with 100% organic spelt. They contain no salt and are made with organic wholegrain.

Eat Real Hummus Sea Salt – 10 x 135Gr

RRP £ 2.30

Sea salted hummus chips are an healthy alternative to standard snacks, ideal for those who wish to avoid Gluten and Lactose. Eat Real Sea Salt Hummus Chips are free from all the 14 declarable allergens, and 48% lower in fat than standard potato crisps, with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives.

Eat Real Lentil Sea Salt – 10 x 113Gr

RRP £ 2.30

From humble lentil to crunchy crispy chip, the added touch of light freshly ground sea salt creates this mouth-wateringly delicious taste.

Marigold Less Salt Bouillon Grey Family – 6 x 500Gr

RRP £ 7.85

Marigold’s delicious Organic and Reduced Salt Bouillon is perfect as a natural seasoning for stews, sauces, casseroles and hot drinks.

Marigold Less Salt Bouillon Grey Vegan – 6 x 140Gr

RRP £ 2.59

  • Makes instant stock, a gravy base or a hot drink.
  • Makes an excellent natural seasoning.
  • One 140g tub makes 7 litres.
  • No preservatives or artificial flavourings/colourings.
  • Gluten and Dairy free.

Marigold Less Salt Swiss Bouillon Purple – 6 x 150Gr

RRP £ 2.45

  • Exquisite, subtle taste 40 percent less salt
  • Vegan stock powder and delicious hot drink
  • Yeast-free, Gluten Free, dairy-free, nut-free
  • The natural enhancer of all soups, stews, casseroles, sauces and savoury dishes
  • A delicious drink, instantly soluble in hot liquid

Marigold Less Salt Swiss Bouillon Purple – 6 x 500Gr

RRP £ 7.4

  • Reduced salt, gluten and yeast free instant stock or delicious hot drink
  • Used as seasoning for a variety of dishes
  • Completely natural
  • Gluten Free and suitable for vegan

Marigold Low Salt Bouillon Cube Purple Vegan – 12 x 84 Gr

RRP £ 1.5

Marigold's Bouillon cubes are perfect as a natural enhancer of all soups, stews, casseroles, sauces, savouries, rice and grain dishes and a delicious hot drink. Brilliantly versatile and full of flavour, Marigold's Bouillon cubes are the natural choice for any kitchen.

Ombar Salt & Nibs Chocolate Bar – 10 x 70Gr

RRP £ 3.29

Rich, creamy dark chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs and a touch of salt. Fair trade, Organic, Cacao polyphenols, Unroasted Ecuadorian cacao, All natural ingredients, Bean to bar super chocolate, 64% cacao, Dairy and gluten free, Suitable for vegans.