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Biona Golden Coconut Milk With Turmeric – 6 x 400Ml

RRP £ 2.69

Biona Organic Golden Coconut Milk combines Biona classic coconut milk with the gentle warmth of vibrant turmeric.

Biona Sauerkraut Golden Turmeric Demeter – 6 x 350Gr

RRP £ 2.49

Biona Organic Golden Sauerkraut is made with fresh turmeric and ginger for a subtle kick.

Complete Organics Turmeric Cauliflower

RRP £ 4.99

Fermented organic vegetables. Raw and unpasteurised packed with active cultures free from additives.

Pukka Turmeric Active Tea – 4 x 20 Bags

RRP £ 4.99

An invigorating blend of finest organic turmeric, ginger and galangal.

Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea – 4 x 20 Bags

RRP £ 4.99

An organic golden blend of the finest turmeric, lemon fruit and whole leaf green tea.

Rude Health Turmeric Latte – 6 x 1Lt

RRP £ 2.99

This organic dairy-free Turmeric Latte gets its amazing colour from turmeric, and it comes with a little zing thanks to the ginger, cinnamon and pinch of black pepper that we add. The pepper is important because it awakens all the good stuff that turmeric has to offer.

Yogi Tea Organic Turmeric Chai – 6 x 17 Bags

RRP £ 2.79

Turmeric chai, made with apple, cooca shells, mace and cloves, it's gluten free and with no flavourings. Vegan & Organic.

Yogi Tea Organic Turmeric Orange – 6 x 17 Bags

RRP £ 2.79

Let the sun shine within you, then it will shine over your life! Fortifying turmeric, mildly fruity orange and deliciously soft vanilla are combined in this tea to give you particular pleasure: the tea is luminously golden in the cup and indulges you with its sweet and spicy flavour, rounding off the experience with its uniquely great flavour. This is true wealth.