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Biona Capers In Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 6 x 120Gr

RRP £ 4.79

Capers are our favorite edible flower buds. From Biona are a brilliantly salty number to add into spicy pasta dishes and fish chowders.

Biona Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 6 x 500Ml

RRP £ 9.69

Premium Italian Olive oil. Finest Organic Olives are carefully selected and cold pressed, enjoy the full, fruity flavours of this healthy oil every day in your kitchen.

Biona Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mild From Calabria – 6 x 1Lt

RRP £ 16.99

Superior category olive oil and obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical means.

Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil – 6 x 800Gr

RRP £ 14.89

Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Is Cold-Pressed From The Flesh Of Organic Coconuts For A Decadent Taste.

Maya Gold Organic Coconut Oil Extra Virgin – 6 x 500Ml

RRP £ 6.25

This traditional soup, made from organic split peas and veggies, gets a delicate lift in flavour from basil, garlic, and bay leaf.