Dear Customers,

Thank you all for your support this year. We are all facing challenging times which means we have to focus more on running our businesses efficiently and avoid unnecessary losses. The Environment and Global warming is also a factor that must be addressed and we cannot avoid our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, our personal view on food wastage or binning food, while there are so many people in the world less fortunate than us, is strictly “as less as possibleif non at all.

In line with the above issues, we would like to inform you our new returns policy at Goodness Foods starting from the 1st of Jan 2023.

Return Policy

  • The customer may return any good on delivery which they feel is excessive and more than their requirements.
  • Any goods damaged, short dated or expired on delivery may be returned. However, once the customer has signed and received our invoice/delivery note, it is automatically acknowledged by us, that the goods received have been delivered in good condition.
  • Customer may return goods as long as they are in good resalable condition and in their original packing. They should be in full boxes and not loose pieces.
  • Customers must inform the salesman of any item they are having difficulty selling before that item expires on the shelf. We will not return any ambient goods that generally have a shelf life of 12-24 months because they have been expired.
  • We will only accept up to 70% returns on Fridge items with the confirmation of our sales executive.
  • Any returns must be confirmed by the sales rep. who will send a report to our admin team. This returns report is printed and given to our drivers. Our drivers are not allowed to take anything else back other than what’s on the returns report.
  • Any goods that have been tampered with or opened will not be returned for health and safety reasons.
  • Any items which are defective or abnormal due to manufacturing or other reasons which are not in the control of the customer will be returned and full credit given.

At Goodness Foods Ltd we are dedicated to providing our customers with good service and we are 100% behind our products.

Best wishes for the new year for you and your family.