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Honeyman Organic Acacia Honey – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 5.99

Acacia honey is delicate, with a subtle, smooth, slightly vanilla aroma, its colour being clear, of an almost transparent yellow. Collected by the bees during a short period in May and only in strict climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric movement), this indulging honey has a unique taste, delicate flavour and appealing texture.

Honeyman Organic Forest Honey – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 6.29

Forest honey (Honeydew honey) contains just a few volatile substances, source of its subtle aroma. Still a coniferous honey, it is somewhat more flavoursome, with mild hints of pine resin. It’s not very sweet due to the high mineral content that balances the level of the sugars, but it ends in light caramel tones.

Honeyman Organic Lavender Honey – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 6.29

Lavender honey has floral and fruity flavors and melts softly in the mouth, to the delight of epicures. Its smooth texture enhances exceptional floral overtones, enriched with subtle nuances of fresh fruits and highlight that lavender honey is one of the most scented honeys in the world.

Honeyman Organic Linden Honey – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 4.99

The linden honey, like the plant that offers it, is a strong honey with a distinctive aroma, and a clear golden colour. The strong aroma is composed of fresh woody notes and soft caramel tones, sweetness of flowers finished in the sweetest nectar.

Honeyman Organic Wild Flower Honey – 6 x 250Gr

RRP £ 4.99

Apitherapy physicians acknowledge the multi-flower honey as a “complete” honey because it is obtained from the nectar of several plant species, combining their therapeutic power. That is why raw multi-flower honey is richer in vitamins and minerals than single-flower honey. It has an aromatic and sweet persistent taste with slight variations depending on the flowers it comes from. The colour may range from light yellow to orange and brown, with amber ruby ​​reflections.