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Lizi’s Adventurers Strawberry Granola – 4 x 400Gr

RRP £ 3.29

Little adventurers need lots of energy for everything the day ahead holds! High in fibre, looking after those little tummies and contributing to overall health, Adventurers granola crispies are low in sugar, making sure children have the right start and plenty of slow-release energy throughout the day. Granola crispies contains deliciously toasted oat flakes, rice crisps, desiccated coconut and freeze-dried strawberries, rolled in date syrup for a little natural sweetness. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives– this cereal can be enjoyed by children and families who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Lizi’s Belgian Chocolate Granola – 10 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Belgian Chocolate granola can also be added to yoghurt or ice-cream and fresh fruit berries for a light and easy peasy dessert at the end of the day.

Lizi’s Gluten Free Nuts And Seeds Breakfast Cereal – 10 x 350Gr

RRP £ 5.49

Lizi’s Gluten Free Granola is a high fibre, a ready-to-eat toasted cereal made with Gluten Free oats and nuts and seeds.

Lizi’s High Protein Nuts Ands Seeds Granola – 10 x 350Gr

RRP £ 4.49

A high-protein cereal that delivers on taste as well as the macronutrients that are important to you. Ingredients like oats, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and chopped nuts also deliver all-important fibre, which contributes to our general health and mental wellbeing, while also helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. Apple juice adds some natural sweetness so you can up your protein intake without compromising on taste.

Lizi’s Low Sugar Nuts And Seeds Granola – 10 x 450Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Low Sugar Granola is a high fibre, ready-to-eat toasted cereal made from oats and nuts and seeds baked with the minimum of added sugar.

Lizi’s Mango & Macadamia Break Granola – 10 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Jumbo rolled oats, coconut, pumpkin seeds, and macadamia nuts are rolled in black treacle and baked in mango puree, bringing this wholesome granola to life with its wonderfully fruity flavour. Macadamia nuts are a powerhouse of nutrition, containing the highest quantity of monounsaturated fat of any nut, to contribute to a healthy heart. This granola is also high in fibre – essential for good digestive health, energy levels and mental wellbeing.

Lizi’s Maple Syrup & Pecan Low Sugar – 10 x 500Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Maple and Pecan – a classic flavour combination with added Lizi’s crunch. Further to the caramel and toffee tones from nature’s nectar – maple syrup – and the crunch from pecans, you can be safe in the knowledge that this granola only contains 3.6g of sugar per 100g serving. This product is suitable for vegans. It looks after your digestive health with high-fibre ingredients like oats, coconut, nuts, and seeds. It may be sweet, but creative use of ingredients like chicory root and dedication to GL testing means that this product will keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Lizi’s Organic Granola – 10 x 350Gr

RRP £ 4.49

We use organic agave syrup, the lowest glycemic sugar, to sweeten this granola.

Lizi’s Original Granola – 10 x 500Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Add yoghurt or milk and you have one of the healthiest, greatest tasting breakfasts it is possible to eat.

Lizi’s Passionfruit & Pistachio Granola – 10 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

The nutty flavour of pistachio and sweet, tart passion fruit come together in this indulgent granola to create a combination that puts a little pep in your step at any time of the day. Pistachio halves join toasted oats, nuts, and seeds to deliver the high fibre and essential protein and fats that we need to feel our best. Black treacle and apple juice provide a little sweetness. Perhaps most importantly, all these ingredients help to release energy slowly, keeping you satisfied and alert until lunch.

Lizi’s Super Muesli Boost – 5 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Prepare yourself for whatever the day brings with Boost Super Muesli. Beat fatigue and boost your immune system with added vitamin C and vitamin B6. Toasted oats are combined with turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties. The tropical taste of mango and papaya will transport you to faraway shores and leave you lifted for the day ahead.

Lizi’s Super Muesli Cleanse – 5 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

Cleanse Super Muesli is fortified with Vitamin C and zinc, contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and contributing to the process of cell division. Luxurious cherries, cranberries and raspberries come together to provide a burst of sweetness, while the combination of toasted oats, barley flakes and seeds add the unmistakable Lizi’s crunch. These ingredients are also highly nutritious! One 50g serving contains 5.4g of fibre and 6.7g of protein.

Lizi’s Super Muesli Focus – 5 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

With Lizi’s Focus, you’ll get the brain-boosting Vitamin B6 and zinc that contribute to normal psychological and cognitive function. Wholesome combination of hazelnuts, almonds and pecans with hemp, maca powder, and pomegranate seeds creates a unique and delicious cereal. Perfectly toasted rolled oats, barley flakes, and a variety of seeds rolled in black treacle maintain the healthy dose of high-fibre goodness that Lizi’s is known for, contributing to your general health and mental wellbeing.

Lizi’s Super Muesli Glow – 5 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

This decadent cereal combines delicious fruit with toasted oats, quinoa, barley, and wheat to create the perfect crunch. Glow Super Muesli also provides a range of nutritional benefits from all-important fibre, to slow-release carbohydrates and healthy fats, helping you to shine from the inside out. Fortified with vitamin B2 and mineral selenium, Glow Super Muesli contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue, as well as maintaining normal hair and nails.

Lizi’s Treacle & Pecan Granola – 10 x 400Gr

RRP £ 4.49

There’s a good reason why this is an award-winning cereal. Gently toasted pecan nuts bring their warm golden flavour, while black treacle adds a rich, indulgent taste so you can start your day with a bowl that’s a whole lot better. As well as delivering on taste, this granola provides health benefits, too. Jumbo oats and a range of seeds are high in fibre, which is vital for our overall health, sleep patterns and wellbeing.